MXP Pipe casing – uPVC

MXP and TKP Pipe casing
New from Pendock is a uPVC Pipe Boxing Range that offers a high quality white plastic finish for areas where a more durable boxing product is required. Manufactured in extruded white uPVC, this quality grade material is rated to a UL94 V-0 flame spread rating making it suitable in almost any application. The finish is resistant to both mild acids and alkalis and is easy to keep clean.

The range includes ‘L’ shape (MXP) and ‘U’ shape (Channel). All come with either fixing brackets or fixing strips which are also manufactured from uPVC, these are hidden from view once the profile has been fitted.

  • Consistently smart
  • uPVC rated to UL94 V-0 flame spreading rate
  • Easy to fit
  • Ideal for new build or refurbishment
  • Maintenance free
  • De-mountable for post-installation access
  • Hardwearing
  • Suitable for vertical and horizontal applications
  • Manufactured in Britain
  • Wide range of accessories

MXP Range

MXP profiles are offered in a range of width and depth sizes (all 3m long) and are ideal in situations where larger pipework or multi-pipe applications need to be covered or protected. The largest size (200mm x 200mm) is specifically designed to cover unsightly soil and vent pipes. A range of accessories is available to allow profiles to be joined together or to cover cuts at inside and outside corner situations. A universal stop end is also available.

MXP 55/12555mm x 120mm x 3.0 metres long
MXP 75/15075mm x 150mm x 3.0 metres long
MXP150/150150mm x 150mm x 3.0 metres long
MXP 75/20075mm x 200mm x 3.0 metres long
MXP150/200150mm x 200mm x 3.0 metres long
MXP 200/200200mm x 200mm x 3.0 metres long
MXP Range
MXP Range
MXP Range
MXP Range

Channel Range

A standard Channel contains two MXP profiles, two fixing strips and a central joining strip. Assemble the sections to create a ‘U’ shaped cover. There are ten different width and depth configurations.

55mm x 250mm x 55mm150mm x 300mm x 150mm
125mm x 110mm x 125mm200mm x 300mm x 200mm
150mm x 150mm x 150mm75mm x 400mm x 75mm
200mm x 150mm x 200mm150mm x 400mm x 150mm
75mm x 300mm x 75mm200mm x 400mm x 200mm

Pendock also offer a full range of fixings, access hatches and associated accessories.