MCFDT Range Flush Floor Ducting for Cables

MCFDT floor ducting for electrical services has integral three compartment separators for carrying
data, power and telecommunication services.

Divides are linked by location to an integral fixing and earth stud detailed along the tray length. Continuous separation can be facilitated by the use of flyovers and intersections that ensure no wires meet at corners or junctions.

MCFDT Range Dimensions

Dim ADim BWorking Space
35mm335mm3 compartments approx. 22mm x 110mm
70mm335mm3 compartments approx. 57mm x 110mm

Product detail

Thickness: 0.7 steel tray section.
12mm plywood cover
Standard Length: 2.5m tray. 2.44m cover
A – Overall Depth: Screed depth
B – Open Size: Not less than depth
C – Flange: 20mm
D – Upstand/Lid: 12mm

The flange upstand may be increased to accommodate the finished floor thickness, thus enabling the visible location of ducting and ease of future access.

Studs are provided in each length of duct to secure the divider, and connect the earth links which should be provided by the installer, and be of adequate cross sectional area (see current I.E. Regulations).

Larger earth studs can be supplied for 3 phase supply. When using a concealed outlet box the base pan of the unit must be fixed to the duct to ensure that a good electrical contact is made for the purpose of earth continuity. This can be done with a floor fixing passing through the pan and the duct.

Socket Outlets (not supplied)

Special width and depth sections can be produced for any make of concealed outlet systems including concealed outlet boxes, pyramid boxes and pedestal units. The plywood lid enables sections to be easily cut out on site to accommodate


A range of accessories are available for the MCFDT range: tee, riser to skirting board, corner and four way flyover.

  • Manufactured from hot dipped mild steel

  • Single or multi compartment versions
  • Standard and custom manufactured sizes
  • Ply lids available
  • Manufactured in Britain
  • Selected products available next day