FDT Range Flush Floor Ducting for Pipework

FDT ducts for pipes
fully comply with the
water bylaws and BRE
relating to the
installation of pipes
within solid floors. Embedded pipes are prone to leaks which can be difficult and expensive to rectify.


FDT Range Dimensions

Dim ADim BWorking Space
50mm100mm37mm x 90mm
50mm150mm37mm x 140mm
50mm200mm37mm x 190mm
70mm100mm57mm x 90mm
70mm150mm57mm x 140mm
70mm200mm57mm x 190mm

Product detail

Thickness: 0.7 steel tray section.
12mm plywood cover
Standard Length: 2.5m tray. 2.44m cover
A – Overall Depth: Screed depth
B – Open Size: Not less than depth
C – Flange: 15mm
D – Upstand/Lid: 12mm

Thermal insulation

Thermal insulation can be achieved by the use of a proprietary slit tube pipe sleeve. Alternatively, where space is limited, the duct can simply be filled with loose-fill insulation.


Where pipes pass through a sound resisting floor, they should not be in contact with the duct, but should be surrounded by 25mm of insulating material. All gaps should be sealed.


A fire resistant barrier will be required where ducts pass through building compartments. An intumescent fire barrier is recommended.


Corners/Tees are supplied in a perforated 1250mm length to be separated on site. The 625mm legs can be placed together at a 90° angle to form a corner or overlapped at 180° to form a tee junction with a duct length butted to the aperture. Note the overall length of a tee junction will be 1250mm minus the width of the joining duct (not including flanges).

Stop Ends to suit duct size (ensure stop ends are fitted prior to screeding).

Butt Joint Plates optional to suit duct size.

FDT Floor DuctingStop End
FDT Floor DuctingTee
FDT Floor DuctingButt Joint Plate
FDT Floor DuctingCorner
  • Manufactured from hot dipped mild steel

  • Single or multi compartment versions
  • Standard and custom manufactured sizes
  • Ply lids available
  • Manufactured in Britain
  • Selected products available next day