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Pipe boxing and Boiler Pipe Casings

Pipe Boxing & Boiler Pipe Casings

Preformed plywood casings for concealing unsightly pipework, electrical cabling and structures such as beams and cills. Boiler Pipe Casings for concealing and protecting ugly pipework above and below the boiler.

Column Casing

Column Casing

Pendock's Column Casings' give stunning finishes to cover internal and external structural columns.

HVAC Casing

Give an aesthetic solution to conceal interior building services.

Washroom Cubicles

Washrooms Cubicles

Pendock Cubicles offer the very best value with unique design concepts, our service includes everything from Next Day Delivery to a total Washroom fitted by one of our outstanding recommended installers.

Low Surface Temperature Heating

LST Heating

Low Surface Temperature (LST) heating projects typically take place in schools, care homes and hospitals. ECO+ is 75% smaller and 70% lighter for the same heat output.

sprinkler system casing

Pendock Pipe Boxing & Ducting commercial video

Pendock’s first commercial video offers an overview of our unique UK manufacturing process for plywood profiles. The presentation illustrates our manufacturing facility, materials used and covers all stages of production.

Find out more about Pendock’s Pipe Boxing & Ducting products

An Introduction to Pendock

Pendock Profiles launched a unique range of Pre-formed Plywood casings and enclosure systems in 1987 and is now recognised as a major international supplier of these products.

Specifiers and contractors have been quick to recognise the versatility of Pendock's products. In responding to their demands Pendock have developed comprehensive solutions to the challenges of enclosing structures and perimeter casings for building interiors.